May 2017

The Navy Yard

May 5, 2017 Oil paintings

The Navy Yard at the Delaware River at the the end of Broad Street is a great place to paint with countless views of massive structures on the water. Urban Outfitters has  turned many of the buildings into their headquarters and have made the area a nice place to hangout for a day and paint. The ships dry docked on the piers are incredible feats of engineering and make for an interesting painting. I completed this piece as I knew itRead More

Plein Air Painting

May 5, 2017 Oil paintings

This semester I felt that my painting came together. I started to truly understand how I paint and see the world. This has lead to a more cohesive body of work that I believe represents my style well. Each time I went out this Winter and Spring I was able to complete a painting I was happy with. While some days I was far happier with my work than others, this semester’s body of work has shown me that IRead More

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