Fall 2017: A Growing Body of Work

December 16, 2017 Oil paintings

This fall has been a very exciting time as I pushed myself to take my work more seriously. Now at the end of the semester I can now look back and be proud of the work I made. These pieces are leading me somewhere, as to where that destination is, I am not sure but I know I will find it before the end of my  PAFA career.

Hopper’s Lighthouse (Study), 18″ x 20″, Oil on Canvas, Sold

This study of The Lighthouse at Two Lights (1929) by Edward Hopper was a true pleasure to paint. I chose to study Edward Hopper’s theme of civilization vs. nature, which I find myself constantly exploring as well.



Waiting for the Ferry, 24″ x 24″, Oil on Canvas Mounted on Board, $475

This painting was my fall semester 2017 project. When I found this abandoned ferry dock at the Navy Yard in South Philadelphia, I immediately knew I would paint the setting.  I focused on the ferry’s battle with time and its representation of our society’s battle with time.

A Warm Autumn, 15″ x 9″, Oil on Canvas Mounted on Board, $135

This view of a pumpkin patch in South Eastern PA was simply too colorful and joyful to not capture in paint. While the view may feel pleasant at first glimpse, the absence of a farmer to accompany the truck or field is meant to add a sense of uneasiness.

Two Barges, Oil on Canvas Mounted On Board, 9″ x 12″, Sold

Another scene at the Navy Yard in South Philly–I never seem to have too much of an issue finding a subject or completing a piece there. I see myself returning to this location again in the future.


Portrait Study, Fall 2017, Oil on Canvas, 18″ x 20″


Skull Study, Oil on canvas mounted on board, 10″ x 11.5″ Sold

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