May 2018

Colorado: Where Mountains Meet Sky

May 26, 2018 Oil paintings

I took a family trip visit my sister in her new home acroos the country: Denver, Colorado. Between the blue sky and the looming mountains, Denver was a great place to experience and I look forward to going back. During the time I spent in Colorado, I also was able to visit the mountains right as the Aspen trees began to leaf out and incredible bright yellows and greens were vibrant against the blue of the sky. From my timeRead More

Seeing Larger Shapes in Broken Compositions

May 8, 2018 Oil paintings

While this semester I focused my schedule on sculpture, I did manage to sneak in one painting course. The class was Tuesday mornings taught by the mastermind artist, Scott Noel. His teaching style is only matched by his hectic and often elaborate poses. He pushed me to see larger shapes in the paintings I was making and to focus on the composition of these shapes. This approach is opposed to the high rendering of my figure paintings of the past.Read More

Spring Break Snow Storm in Maine

Winslow Homer and Edward Hopper are two of my favorite painters. Their work never fails to inspire me and guide me in my painting. In the months leading up to my spring break this year, that inspiration became almost a burden as I could not paint without thinking of their work. In order to alleviate this and give myself a much needed break, I explored a location at which both Homer and Hopper made many of their most important works: Portland,Read More

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