Seeing Larger Shapes in Broken Compositions

May 8, 2018 Oil paintings

While this semester I focused my schedule on sculpture, I did manage to sneak in one painting course. The class was Tuesday mornings taught by the mastermind artist, Scott Noel. His teaching style is only matched by his hectic and often elaborate poses. He pushed me to see larger shapes in the paintings I was making and to focus on the composition of these shapes. This approach is opposed to the high rendering of my figure paintings of the past. This can be seen in the palette knife marks and unapologetic brush strokes. This post’s paintings are from this class and I enjoy seeing how the paintings grow in complexity. The Broken Composition series all started with a single panel with the intention to add on panels to create more interesting compositions.


Figure Study with Green Clothe, 15″ x 12″ ,oil on canvas panel


Broken Composition 1, 15″ x 17″ oil on canvas panel



Broken Composition 2, 24.5″ x 38″, oil on canvas panel



Broken Composition 2 (Detail)


Figure in Landscape, 6″ x 3.5″, oil on primed linen mounted on board,


Broken Composition 3, 32″ x 52″, oil on canvas panel


Broken Composition 3 (Detail)


Broken Composition 3 (Detail) 



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