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I opened my first Solo exhibiton of my career this past July at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in the Cohen Board Room. It will be up in the gallery space until the end of October. The show included several of my favorite pieces from the past two years and acted as an excellent summary of my body of work to date. Reflecting on this exhibition has allowed me to shape my own artistic vision and goals. This has given me a better understanding of what I will be working towards in this coming year.



Below is the artist statement that hung at the beginning of the show, followed by the eleven goauche and oil paintings in the order they were meant to be viewed. Included with each paintings is the title, size, medium, price including frame, and the specific location they were painted.


Watershed is a personal investigation into the aesthetics of water. The assembled paintings are representative of a much larger body of work, from which the “runoff”  has led to a turning point in my own thinking. This show’s works are all plein air landscape paintings created from a wide variety of locations. Spring Snow on the Schuylkill and Dry Docked on the Delaware are works that represent my own daily relationship to water and are from the industrialized urban river banks of Philadelphia. Composed on the coast of Maine during a snowstorm as it made landfall just outside Portland, the Before the Storm paintings are investigations into the immense power that water forms in storms.  Likewise, Taughannock Falls and Frozen Cayuga Lake are investigations into the drastic changes that happen to water when temperatures drop as winter approaches every year. Finally, Melt of Mud Season and Colorado River Headwaters capture scenes in the Rockies where the beginnings of massive rivers are found. All of these paintings are unique investigations into not only the life that water posesses, but also why water holds the interests of all humans.



Colorado River Headwaters, 4” x 2.5”, oil on wood panel, Sold

Edwards, Colorado


Two Barges, 12” x 9”, Oil on canvas panel, Sold  

Navy Yard, South Philadelphia


Before the Storm: Portland Headlight, 6” x 9”, gouache on rag paper, $250

Fort Williams Park, Maine

Before the Storm: Two Lights, 2.5” x 4”, oil on aluminum panel, NFS

Cape Elizabeth, Maine


Dry Docked on the Delaware, 24″ x 10″, Oil on canvas panel, 280. Sold

Navy Yard, South Philadelphia


Melt of Mud Season, 12” x 9”, gouache on rag paper, 450

Breckenridge, Colorado


Spring Snow on the Schuylkill, 3” x 5”, oil on aluminum panel, 250. Sold

Schuylkill Running Trail near Market St, Philadelphia

Taughannock Falls, 6” x 9”, gouache on rag paper, 250

Ithaca, New York


Frozen Cayuga Lake, 6” x 9”, gouache on rag paper, 250

Ithaca, New York


Awaiting the Ferry, 24” x 24”, oil on canvas panel, 600 Sold

Navy Yard, South Philadelphia


Dipping Pond Run, 6” x 9”, gouache on rag paper

Brooklynville, Maryland

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