Oil paintings

Recent Paintings: Fall 2018

January 20, 2019 Oil paintings

Devils Pool, Oil on canvas panel, 24” x 18” This secluded pool is a popular spot outside the city of Philadelphia for people, such as these two adolescent boys, who want to experience the pleasure of summertime water. Wissahickon Falls: Early Autumn Oil on canvas panel 13” x 7.5”, Sold During this year’s unprecedented rainfall, the dam has deteriorated a considerable amount. Wissahickon Falls: Mid Fall Oil on canvas panel, 12” x 15” As the water has risen, the river has becomeRead More

Recent Works: September

October 14, 2018 Oil paintings

In this update of recent works, I have explored the thicker side of paint. From thick impasto waves to the sudtle higlight of a surface, I explored how adding some three dimensioanl forms to a two dimensional surface effects how we perceive the painting.   Bart and the Breaking Surf, Oil on canvas panel, 11″ x 14″ NFS     Buddy on the Beach, Oil on canvas panel, 11″ x 14″  NFS     Frosty (AKA Ginger), Oil on panel,Read More


September 16, 2018 Oil paintings, Works on paper

I opened my first Solo exhibiton of my career this past July at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in the Cohen Board Room. It will be up in the gallery space until the end of October. The show included several of my favorite pieces from the past two years and acted as an excellent summary of my body of work to date. Reflecting on this exhibition has allowed me to shape my own artistic vision and goals. This hasRead More

Colorado: Where Mountains Meet Sky

May 26, 2018 Oil paintings

I took a family trip visit my sister in her new home acroos the country: Denver, Colorado. Between the blue sky and the looming mountains, Denver was a great place to experience and I look forward to going back. During the time I spent in Colorado, I also was able to visit the mountains right as the Aspen trees began to leaf out and incredible bright yellows and greens were vibrant against the blue of the sky. From my timeRead More

Seeing Larger Shapes in Broken Compositions

May 8, 2018 Oil paintings

While this semester I focused my schedule on sculpture, I did manage to sneak in one painting course. The class was Tuesday mornings taught by the mastermind artist, Scott Noel. His teaching style is only matched by his hectic and often elaborate poses. He pushed me to see larger shapes in the paintings I was making and to focus on the composition of these shapes. This approach is opposed to the high rendering of my figure paintings of the past.Read More

Spring Break Snow Storm in Maine

Winslow Homer and Edward Hopper are two of my favorite painters. Their work never fails to inspire me and guide me in my painting. In the months leading up to my spring break this year, that inspiration became almost a burden as I could not paint without thinking of their work. In order to alleviate this and give myself a much needed break, I explored a location at which both Homer and Hopper made many of their most important works: Portland,Read More

Fall 2017: A Growing Body of Work

December 16, 2017 Oil paintings

This fall has been a very exciting time as I pushed myself to take my work more seriously. Now at the end of the semester I can now look back and be proud of the work I made. These pieces are leading me somewhere, as to where that destination is, I am not sure but I know I will find it before the end of my  PAFA career. Hopper’s Lighthouse (Study), 18″ x 20″, Oil on Canvas, Sold This study ofRead More

The Navy Yard

May 5, 2017 Oil paintings

The Navy Yard at the Delaware River at the the end of Broad Street is a great place to paint with countless views of massive structures on the water. Urban Outfitters has  turned many of the buildings into their headquarters and have made the area a nice place to hangout for a day and paint. The ships dry docked on the piers are incredible feats of engineering and make for an interesting painting. I completed this piece as I knew itRead More

Plein Air Painting

May 5, 2017 Oil paintings

This semester I felt that my painting came together. I started to truly understand how I paint and see the world. This has lead to a more cohesive body of work that I believe represents my style well. Each time I went out this Winter and Spring I was able to complete a painting I was happy with. While some days I was far happier with my work than others, this semester’s body of work has shown me that IRead More

It’s Not Porn

February 26, 2017 Oil paintings

I have some days where I have a studio class in the morning during which I paint figures, then another class in the afternoon where I paint more figures. Then I have an evening class where I study art history where many pieces have more figures. Some people chuckle when they hear that I spend hours on end staring at naked people. It is hard for them to understand that artists don’t see the bodies as sexual objects as opposed toRead More

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