Oil paintings

There Are Always More Views To Paint

February 23, 2017 Oil paintings

These views were painted during my Landscape class. Common places for us to visit are the Horticultural Center in Fairmount Park and the Wissahickon River, which is also part of Fairmount Park. There is certainly no lack of views at either location for painting or for a picnic. Untitled, Oil on paper mounted on board, Framed, 9″ x 12″, $180 Goethe in the Morning Sun, Oil on board, 8″ x 12″, $180 Wissahickon Waterfall in Autumn, Oil on board, Framed,Read More

Buildings Are Cool Too

February 23, 2017 Oil paintings

While I love natural landscape, I find myself often being drawn to compositions that include man-made structures in them. Here are examples of a few landscapes where I gave in to my urges and painted the buildings as well as the natural setting.

Flowers Are Underrated

February 23, 2017 Oil paintings

I have always loved plants, yet only recently have I discovered how much I enjoy painting flowers. I find placing the color of the petals while describing the petals and leaves, using delicate brush strokes to be incredibly satisfying.

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