Landscape Artwork

My work centers on the relationship we have to our local landscape. Studying painting and scultpure at Pennsylvania Aceadmey of Fine Arts (2019) in Philadelphia, I drew inspiration from the landscape the historcity is. This lead me to seeing the landscape of today ontop of the landscape of the past. This may lead for the landscape to ask what the landscape of tomorrow can look like.

Wissahickon Falls: Midsummer, Oil on linen panel, 14″ x16″ 2018

This old dam nestled inside the Wissahickon Park outside of Philadelphia is a reminder of the areas working past during the infancy of the nation. Today the once industrial valley and its relics form the idelic park that many guests enjoy daily.

USS Robert G. Bradley, Oil on canvas panel, 16” x 20” 2018 Sold

When exploring the landscapes of Philadelphia, I became interested in the monumental relics from another time and the uncertainty of what the landscape could like in the future.

SS United States, Oil on canvas panel, 18″ x 22″ 2019
Oil Derricks from Bartrams Garden, Oil on canvas panel, 16″ x20″ 2020

As time continues, we will change and the cities we live in will change too. My paintings observe the changing human landscape allowing me to think deeply about the future of the landscape and viewers to perhaps see those thoughts as well.