Wood Block Printing

December 16, 2017 Works on paper

I took a print class this past semester during which I developed a more graphic-oriented side of my art. The following prints are in chronological order as I explored the medium. The experience of cutting my own wood blocks and spending hours rolling inks onto boards was more difficult than I expected. The process involved blisters and a constant battle against inky hands.     City Hall Near Sunset, Three Editions, 11″ x 12″, Edition 1 $30, Edition 2 &Read More

The Navy Yard

May 5, 2017 Oil paintings

The Navy Yard at the Delaware River at the the end of Broad Street is a great place to paint with countless views of massive structures on the water. Urban Outfitters has  turned many of the buildings into their headquarters and have made the area a nice place to hangout for a day and paint. The ships dry docked on the piers are incredible feats of engineering and make for an interesting painting. I completed this piece as I knew itRead More

Plein Air Painting

May 5, 2017 Oil paintings

This semester I felt that my painting came together. I started to truly understand how I paint and see the world. This has lead to a more cohesive body of work that I believe represents my style well. Each time I went out this Winter and Spring I was able to complete a painting I was happy with. While some days I was far happier with my work than others, this semester’s body of work has shown me that IRead More

It’s Not Porn

February 26, 2017 Oil paintings

I have some days where I have a studio class in the morning during which I paint figures, then another class in the afternoon where I paint more figures. Then I have an evening class where I study art history where many pieces have more figures. Some people chuckle when they hear that I spend hours on end staring at naked people. It is hard for them to understand that artists don’t see the bodies as sexual objects as opposed toRead More

Two Sides of Oneself

February 24, 2017 Sculptures

This piece is my most ambitious piece to date, with hundreds of hours spent sculpting and casting the larger-than-life size self-portrait busts. The piece explores how I see myself, Me, versus how others may see me, Myself. 

Sculpture From the Past

February 24, 2017 Sculptures

When I orginally applied to PAFA, I had planned on being a sculpture major. I had the portfolio and the skills to support this decision, yet once I came to PAFA I decided to pursue painting instead because I felt there was far more for me to learn.

There Are Always More Views To Paint

February 23, 2017 Oil paintings

These views were painted during my Landscape class. Common places for us to visit are the Horticultural Center in Fairmount Park and the Wissahickon River, which is also part of Fairmount Park. There is certainly no lack of views at either location for painting or for a picnic. Untitled, Oil on paper mounted on board, Framed, 9″ x 12″, $180 Goethe in the Morning Sun, Oil on board, 8″ x 12″, $180 Wissahickon Waterfall in Autumn, Oil on board, Framed,Read More

Buildings Are Cool Too

February 23, 2017 Oil paintings

While I love natural landscape, I find myself often being drawn to compositions that include man-made structures in them. Here are examples of a few landscapes where I gave in to my urges and painted the buildings as well as the natural setting.

Flowers Are Underrated

February 23, 2017 Oil paintings

I have always loved plants, yet only recently have I discovered how much I enjoy painting flowers. I find placing the color of the petals while describing the petals and leaves, using delicate brush strokes to be incredibly satisfying.

A Cold January Afternoon

February 22, 2017 Works on paper

Study completed at the Horticultural Center in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia on a very cold January afternoon.

Want To Know More?

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